Electric razor ratings

Electric razor ratings

Buying products online has and will always be dicey. People rely heavily on the product’s rating and customer reviews before they make a move. Some people can troll online review sites for days before they decide what to buy. This is kind of effective since you will gathered sufficient information about the product you need. In the shaving world, the same applies.

Average ratings will tell you precisely the percentage of people who liked a particular razor and how many found it less useful. Ratings go hand in hand with reviews. Normally, a client will rate a product and explain why he/she though it deserves the given number of stars. However, some online surveys have indicated that the modern products’ ratings and reviews are being bought and hence, not very much reliable.

Some companies “bribe” or gift some distinguished bloggers and enthusiastic marketers with their products in exchange for a positive review. It doesn’t matter whether the product works or not. So this means you, as the buyer will need to be extra cautious when looking for the best electric razor.

A razor with plenty of five stars is sure to satisfy many clients. That normally means the blades are sharp, the head is rotating smoothly, its weight is manageable and it stores charge for a long time. Piece of advice though, trust five star reviews from reputable shaving sites like Amazon and a few others.

Personally, I find the four stars rating reviews to be of much help than any other star(s). They are always genuine. Some people even rate a razor with a four stars yet they never found a problem with it. They will just say, “Nice shaving tool. I’d give it a five stars, but there is always room for improvement.” Some will go ahead and explain the spots where it fell short of their expectations. 4-stars can be quite helpful than the rest.

Finding the silver lining in 1, 2 or 3-star rating reviews

Sometimes the most honest, reliable, and constructive criticism comes from the most dissatisfied clients. It helps both the customer and the company. For instance, if someone gave a razor a 1-star review because the blades are not sharp, the razor is too heavy or the rotary head is rotating, that calls for the company to replace that product. The next client will avoid buying that shaver thus saving himself from the inconvenience of taking it back. Similarly, the company will have to do some adjustments to avoid going through the trauma of returning money to clients every other day.

Ratings and reviews also tell you a lot about the company’s rapport with its client. Normally, disgruntled clients communicate in an angry tone because of the time and money they have wasted buying a particular razor. How the razor company will approach the situation will tell you if they fix their customers problems or they dismiss them. Knowing that will prevent you from falling into the hands of selfish and profit-driven companies.

Features to expect in a highly rated electric razor

Whenever you go for a five star rated product, chances are that you don’t want a shaver that will annoy you. Most of these razors come at a tidy sum of money so it would be essential to know what you should expect from them. Here are the features found in top rated razors:

1. Rotary Shaving Blades

Many seasoned shavers prefer razors with rotary shaving bladesbecause of several reasons:

  • They are safe as the cutters lie behind a grid
  • Their circular motions helps to deal with the most difficult shaving areas
  • They are silent and provide a smooth close shave

2. Wet/dry shavers

Sometimes you won’t have the time to moisten up your face or maybe you just don’t want water up your face, a wet/dry shaver should give you an alternative.

3. Battery capacity

A well rated razor should provide you with over or almost an hour of use before it needs charging again. It should also charge up as quickly as possible. Some have an emergency 5-10 minutes of power to help you clean up your head and face.

Nevertheless, make sure you have a power backup plan when travelling.

4. Charge Read-out

The digital charge indicator is an important part of any excellent quality shaver. It’s convenient when you know how long you have before you run out of charge. Lowly rated products don’t have this feature and you can end up with half-shaven face when it goes off.

5. Portability

Everyone should be able to carry their grooming kit with them when travelling. Most shavers are portable, but most of the highly rated razors are a little lighter-a feature that also makes shaving an enjoyable activity.

6. Beard combs

Not all of us want a clean shave. There some people who have an attachment to their beards and moustache. The best razors either come with beard trimmers or support many other trimmers on the market. Beard combs allow you to shave your beards to the level you like. Some of the best trimmers to for include Philips Norelco Beard Trimmers, Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit 9854-600, Panasonic ER-GB40-S Beard and Moustache Trimmer, Remington MB4040/MB4045 Beard, Mustache, and Stubble Trimmer, Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer and several others.

7. Auto Shut-off

This feature is only available in high-end razors. So, if your shaver has it, it’s certainly one the best products in the market. Auto Shut-off switches off your shaver’s charger to prevent chances of overcharging.

Above all, the best razors should come in good condition and at times with some accessories.

Wrap up

As I wrap up, I’d like to reiterate that not all ratings and reviews are to be trusted-some are click baits. Generally, well rated products can be spotted easily. You just need to look in the right place. You also need to research more about the razor and read reviews and rating from at least three websites before placing an order.

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