Feather Straight Razor Review

Feather Straight Razor Review

Finding the right razor for your needs can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for a shavette type of razor, which is a straight razor that has disposable blades, the Feather brand of straight razors is just the type of thing you’re looking for. Here is a review of the most popular model that Feather offers, which is a Japanese style straight razor.


This is one of the top selling disposable straight razors on the market, mainly due to the fact that it works so well for different needs and has features that aren’t widely seen. Here is a look at the major features.

  • Can be extensively cleaned. You don’t have to worry whether or not you can get this thing sanitized enough to use it. You can clean all the parts of the head and disinfect the whole thing in a number of different ways, including by boiling it. That means even if you’re a germophobe, you’ll be able to clean this one to your satisfaction.
  • High heat handle. The handle is made of solid resin, which makes it strong and able to withstand a lot of heat. That is another reason why it is safe to boil this razor to keep it clean. The handle also feels good in your hands, and is easy to hold on to.
  • Doesn’t fold up. The most popular Feather model is a Japanese style of straight razor, which means it doesn’t fold up. Instead, it’s just one long razor, which looks a little bit like a knife. It gives the razor a unique look that is attractive and offers a little something different.
  • Other models available. Of course, there are other Feather models that do fold up, so if you need one that can fold up and be stored anywhere, there are razors to choose from if you are interested in this brand.
  • Has special blades. Unlike other brands of disposable straight razors, Feather makes special blades to put into their razors. What is good about this aspect is that you can be sure the quality is always top notch each time. What is bad about this is you can only purchase the blades from them, which may cost a little extra. However, users report that the blades last for weeks at a time without having to change them, so you will be getting your money’s worth.
  • Gets into different angles. Since this razor has a straight handle, it can get into different angles around the neck and face that are hard to accomplish with other razors. In other words, it can do some precise cuts that are hard for bulkier straight razors.
  • Made sturdy. This product was designed to be used by professional barbers, so it is industrial grade. That is why it is so strong and easy to clean. You can get many years of use out of it if you use it properly, and you will also enjoy using it after you master the perfect form.

Other Things to Know

Just like with regular straight razors, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using this razor for the first time. Since it has a unique shape, it can do things other razors can’t do, so you have to be careful at all times when you’re shaving. You do not want to cut yourself because you were in a hurry or didn’t know how to use the razor properly.

It may be a good idea to watch some videos online about how to use the product or visit some shaving websites to find more information, that way you will be ready to try your hand at it. The videos can also help you figure out how to clean the razor and change the blades, since these processes are a little bit different than the norm as well. The main thing to remember is to be calm and relaxed because it isn’t a race and you want your shave to last a long time.


The Feather straight razor mixes a beautiful design with excellent form. Many people enjoy using the razor because they don’t have to worry about not getting a quality shave every time they use it. Of course, you do have to learn how to use it first. This is a good trade off however, because you don’t have to learn how to sharpen any blades, use a strop, or anything like that.

This product is professional grade, can be cleaned in many ways, and is easy to hold in your hand to get your shave just right. It doesn’t fold like other straight razors, but it does come with a cover for the head for safety purposes.

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I use to watch my dad shave every morning before he went to work. When I was old enough to shave all I could think about was using an old school straight razor as my dad did. I want to share all I know on this blog about shaving and using razors. I love sharing and writing about this lost art.

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