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How to Find the Best Shaving Cream for the Bikini Area

How to Find the Best Shaving Cream for the Bikini Area

When it comes to looking and feeling clean, both men and women shave off the unwanted hairs in the body. Aside from the legs and underarms, one important body part that women shave is the genital or bikini area. Cleaning this place is important especially during the summer season when women would like to look and feel confident in their swimwear.

Just like shaving any part of the body needs special care and the right shaving procedure, this should also be done when you shave your bikini area. By doing the right procedure in shaving and applying the right shaving cream, you can ensure that you will have a clean shave that is free from cuts, burns, and bumps.

Why Use Shaving Creams on the Bikini Area?

Shaving creams provide many benefits in shaving. When you use a shaving cream to shave the bikini area, the skin and hairs are prepared by softening them, therefore making the hairs easier to shave. Shaving creams contain ingredients that lubricate and moisturize the skin so you can prevent having razor burns, cuts, and razor bumps.

When you shave without using shaving creams, the skin is dry and the hairs remain coarse. This makes it difficult to be shaven off in one glide, resulting in skin rashes and an unclean shave.

Women who try to shave off their bikini area without using shaving creams often experience razor cuts and razor burns that are unsightly and even irritating. These can cause itchiness, inflammation, and swelling. If you would like to achieve a clean look on your bikini area, using shaving creams will let you do so.

What should you look for in Shaving Creams?

When looking for shaving creams, buying the most popular brand or the cheapest one is not always the best choice. Since the skin on your bikini area is extra sensitive, you should also make a careful choice when picking out your shaving cream. When choosing a shaving cream for your bikini area, it is important that you know your skin type.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you need to find a shaving cream that does not contain harmful and harsh ingredients that can easily irritate your skin. Shaving creams that are free from allergens additives and are fragrance-free are the best choice for women who have sensitive skin.

Dry Skin

While most individuals confuse dry skin with sensitive skin, this is not the case. People with dry skin may only need enough moisturisation and are not necessarily sensitive. Still, if you have dry skin, it is important that you choose a shaving cream that does not contain ingredients like alcohol which can further dehydrate the skin by stripping of its natural oils.

Look for a shaving cream that contains glycerin and other moisturizing ingredients to help moisten the skin before a shave. In doing so, you can prevent razor cuts from happening.

Oily Skin

For women who have oily skin, a shaving cream that contains a mild astringent is the best option. This helps reduce the oil in these skin prior shaving to help reduce razor clogging. Still, even if you have oily skin, this does not mean that you should not find a shaving cream that can provide enough moisture. Even with oily skin, skin nourishment is needed to prevent it from having razor burns and cuts.

Top Shaving Creams for the Bikini Area

Finding and using the right shaving creams for the bikini area can guarantee a clean shave that is free from razor bumps and cuts. If you are looking for a great shaving cream, here are some of the tried and tested shaving creams that are great for bikini area shaving.

  1. The Art of Shaving: Shaving Cream for Men– Although this shaving cream is primarily mean for men’s facial shaving, women who have tested this product to shave their bikini areas achieved great results. It provides great moisturization and lubrication so you can have a clean-looking shave that you can be proud of.
  2. Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream– This shaving cream moisturizes the skin and prepares it for shaving with its Shea butter, squalene, green tea extract, jojoba seed oil, and coconut oil ingredients. The pomegranate scent provides a fresh and fruity scent that lasts after you shave.
  3. Lush Shaving Cream Fit For a Prince– Another shaving cream that is meant for men but works great for shaving the bikini area, the Lush Shaving Cream contains rose water, cocoa butter, almond oil, and witch hazel which is great for cleaning the pores and softens even coarse hair for easier and cleaner shaving.
  4. Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream– One of the favorite brands for hair removal, the Veet hair remover is great for hair removal in the genital area. It contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize skin.
  5. Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream– a shaving cream that is preferred by women who sensitive skin. Skintimate shave cream contains ingredients that provide great lubrication that soften the skin and hairs for easier shaving.

Tips for Shaving Your Bikini Area

  1. After finding the right shaving cream that is fit for your skin type, there are important things that you should know when shaving your bikini area. Follow these tips to have a clean shaven bikini area:
  2. Use a different razor for your bikini area than the one that you use for your underarm and legs. There are razors that are specially designed for shaving the bikini area so you might want to consider having these.
  3. Trim the hairs to a ¼ inch length to achieve a cleaner and faster shave since your razor won’t be able to shave off long hair.
  4. Make sure that your bikini area is thoroughly washed and exfoliated before shaving.Apply a shaving cream that is the right for your skin type and gentle enough so it won’t irritate your skin.
  5. Shave in the direction that your hair grows to prevent ingrown hair or razor bumps from occurring.

By following these tips and finding the best shaving cream that is appropriate for your skin, you can achieve the best shave for your bikini area.

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