Is Straight Razor Shaving Safe Or Dangerous?

Is Straight Razor Shaving Safe Or Dangerous

Shaving is a pleasant ritual that anyone can look forward to when you have the most efficient and safest razor. However, when you have a dull blade that needs you to apply much pressure to clip off the hair, that a brewing disaster.

Disposable razors came with a bang and promised to deliver a close, nick-free shave. Most of them have an appealing design like rotating heads and over three blades that guarantee effective results. But what happens is the opposite. You end up with a roughly patched skin as if a thousand bees stung you.

Safety razors too came in and to some extent managed to eradicate some of the drawbacks that were inherent in disposable razors. Some people, however still found them to be a little bit lacking. If you are one of these folks, you may be planning to take a plunge into straight razors, but you keep asking is straight razor shaving safe or dangerous?

First, let’s go through some of the basics of a straight razor. A straight razor goes by other names like cut throat razor or open razor, and it displays a blade that can be folded into the handle. Its usage needs one to do some learning in order to handle it well. In the beginning, expect uneven shaving and some cuts, with time you will be able to maneuver the blade with ease.

Is shaving with a straight razor safe or dangerous?

Holding a sword at your neck can be threatening, but after a few days of usage, you’ll come to note that it’s quite safer and effective to use straight razors than the safety and disposable razors. To begin with, straight razors have been designed with the user in mind. There are several blade profiles to meet the needs of any user-a feature you can hardly find in safety of disposable razors.

The first blade profile is the round point blade end. Straight razors with this profile have been designed solely for starters. The round end prevents the user from slicing themselves during a shaving process as they have less precision that provides room for erring. Most of these blades are also made light for easy balancing and maneuverability.

The other two blade profiles, French point, and square point have been designed for seasoned shavers who know all the ins and outs of straight razors. These blades are extremely sharp and provide a close shave with very little room for errors. This is exactly the reason why a new straight razor user has to start with round point blades first. Once they learn how to balance and maneuver the blade, they can now switch to the sharper ones.

The question of whether a straight razor is safe or dangerous also depends on the quality you choose. Examine the razor thoroughly and ensure the blades are in good condition before using them. Additionally, check the scales to ensure they hold the blade firmly to avoid accidental snaps.

The safety of the blades also depends on how sharp they are. The sharper the blade, the easier it will be to cut the hairs without tugging. Like using a straight razor, it also takes time to learn how to hone it well. Strop the razor first with a good leather strop to make sharpening easier.

During shaving, make sure you warm your skin by either washing your face or taking a warm shower. Apply your shaving cream and spread it using a shaving brush. Run the blade over your face using either a two pass or three pass technique. While shaving, remember to stretch the skin a little with the other hand to make it taut for the blade to slice the hair easily. Once you are done, wash your face to remove dead cells and shaving creams from your skin and apply an aftershave.

If you don’t follow the correct shaving procedure, any razor leave alone a straight razor will easily cut you or leave you with razor burns. Therefore, the safety of a blade can boil down to following the best practices.

Other benefits

Besides being safe on the skin, straight razors are also considered because of the following reasons:

Environmentally friendly

Many shaving products create a lot of waste. When your safety razor or a cartridge is exhausted, you will throw it away and probably retain its packaging material. If the cycle continues, you’ll end up dumping a lot of waste on the environment. Straight razors, on the other hand, leave only a few shaving waste that is biodegradable.

Reduced costs

The starting cost is a bit far stretched, but the moment you acquire all the gear, you are set for life. You won’t need to buy blades or cartridges like other blades. Once honed properly, the razor can go for a long time providing a top grade service. Additionally, this razor can be passed on to your loved ones.


Straight razors are said to have meditative benefits. Shaving using this blades require you to go slow and focus on what you are doing. After several times of immersing yourself in deep, attentive thoughts, you are likely to enter a Zen-like state.

Wrap up

Learning to shave with a cut throat razor is synonymous to learning to bike. The thrill is enjoyable, and you will have to fall several times with minimal injuries, but that does not make it dangerous. Cutting edges, whether of a safety or straight razor can slice your skin if you are not careful. However, the blade profile designs that most straight razors come in makes them safer for use. Both beginners and seasoned shaver alike have their option.

The bottom line here is that straight razors are safe if you use them correctly. All you need to do is start slow and learn all there is to know. Once you get the hang of it, you will probably never go back to other razors again.

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