Kamisori Japanese Straight Razor Review

Kamisori Japanese Straight Razor Review

This Kamisori razor is a Japanese straight razor. Kamisori is the general name of the product and this type of razor is produced by a variety of companies and individual craftsmen.

The traditional Kamisori is made of one piece, but more modern razor companies have developed Kamisori is that consists of a replaceable blade and a handle for it.

This one is hand forged by the Japanese master Sigeyoshi Iwasaki, who uses traditional techniques to create the finest Kamisori you can find. He uses materials that are otherwise only used in the production of Japanese swords. Even the toughest beards won’t have any chance against this little masterpiece.

An Iwasaki Kamisori can last you a lifetime, but you will need to look after it properly. The blade and “handle” are one and the same piece of metal. Over time, you will save a lot of money because you will not have to buy new blades all the time.


  • Traditional Japanese razor
  • Hand forged by Sigeyoshi Iwasaki
  • Blade length 50mm (1-15/16″)
  • Overall length 170mm (6-1/2″)
  • Comes with a wooden box for storage


  • No need to worry about rust
  • Professional shaving experience
  • Very close shave
  • Easy to contour
  • Unique design
  • Will last a lifetime


Expensive initial purchase (but will pay off over time as you will not have to keep buying new blades all the time)


While the price might initially be a shock, you will soon realize that having one Kamisori will pay off after a while, especially if you go for the best quality. You will never have to buy a new razor again as the material of this Kamisori is of the highest quality, otherwise only found in proper Japanese swords (not the cheap ones you buy for decoration purposes).

The Iwasaki Kamisori is highly recommended by Japanese barbers and the Western world is catching on, too. The blade enables you to get a very close shave, and you will feel like a professional barber yourself.

The Iwasaki blade comes in a beautiful wooden box, and is sharpened on both sides like all Kamisori razors.


If you are interested in Kamisori razors but do not want to spend that much money, there are some alternatives on the market that will enable you to get your hands on a Kamisori for less money—but you might have to compromise a little when it comes to quality. You get what you pay for. Two cheaper, but still very good, alternatives to the Iwasaki Kamisori are:

  • Feather SS Straight Japanese Razor—This Kamisori costs less than $70 and would be ideal for men who are not quite sure whether they will stick to using a Kamisori and hence, are not willing to spend several hundred dollars on one. The handle of this Kamisori is appealing and provides a good grip, and the blade is made of normal stainless steel. The blade will have to be replaced regularly, which will cost you additional money over time.
  • Feather DX Japanese Straight Razor—This blade is less expensive than the Iwasaki and more expensive than the Feather SS—and you can see how the price affects quality. With this one, you will not have to worry about rust, and like the other Feather Kamisori, you need to replace the blades instead of maintaining them like a traditional Kamisori. Even though this blade does not use the highest quality steel like Iwasaki, it is a product that will last you for a long time—but comes with additional costs.


A lot depends on your preferences regarding replaceable blades when you look for the answer to the question on which Kamisori razor would be the best choice for you.

If you are new to shaving with a single blade razor and have never used a Kamisori before, it is understandable that the cost of a genuine Iwasaki Kamisori can be a bit off putting. For beginners, the Feather SS Straight Japanese Razor would be good enough. It comes at a reasonable cost, and can be your first Kamisori. Upgrading later is always possible.

The Feather DX Japanese Straight Razor would be the next logical step for someone who knows that he wants to use this type of razor, but does not want to spend much time with maintaining the blade.

You need to consider that even though the two Feather Kamisoris are cheaper than the Iwasaki Kamisori, the cost over time will be higher. If you buy an Iwasaki, you spend money once as you do not need to replace the blade. If you buy a Kamisori, which constantly needs the blades to be replaced, you will soon notice that you spend a lot more money over time—and lower quality products can always break.

With the Iwasaki Kamisori, you get a genuine Japanese product made by a man who has put a lifetime of learning into these products. The knowledge to create this Kamisori has been passed down generation after generation. Each Iwasaki Kamisori is hand made with attention to detail. If you are looking for a razor to keep for a very long time, then the investment is worth it.

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