Kriegar Straight Razor Review

Kriegar Straight Razor Review

If you are a traditionalist or you just like the manly experience that comes with the use of straight razors, you may find it hard to shave using other tools. Straight razors are as sharp as safety razors and deliver a better shave quality free from nicks and cuts. If you are looking for a blade to get you started, Kriegar could be the best fit. Read this Kriegar straight razor review to learn more.

Kriegar hasn’t received many positive reviews from most platforms. However, when it comes to shaving tools, each individual has different needs, and this could explain why this product hasn’t fared well amongst many users. Nevertheless, as a beginner straight razor, it delivers services that are worth the bucks you put into buying it.

Most razors are made from either carbon, steel or stainless steel. Those made from carbon are not long-lasting but are easier to sharpen. Kriegar is made from lustrous stainless steel making it rust and dust proof. The shiny surface also makes it exude good looks. When honed properly, Kriegar straight razor delivers a clean and nick free close shave.

Kriegar’s blade is round point; this feature is meant to make them safe for use. The French point and square point blades are much sharper and precise hence not quite safe for newbies. It’s easier to use Kriegar straight razor when you are trying to get yourself acquainted with straight razors.

Advanced straight razors demand much learning to get to use them efficiently. They have no room for mistakes since some of them come as shave ready. Kriegar, on the other hand, gives you plenty of room to exercise with the blade and hold it in any direction without sustaining serious cuts. Therefore, for the sake of your safety, you may want to start with Kriegar then transform slowly to advanced models.

Kriegar blade is designed to fold inwards for easy storage. The handle is contoured to provide a comfortable grip during a wet shaving. The blades come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of different individuals. The most common styles you are likely to bump into include Kriegar Razors Stag Bone, Kriegar Razors Pearl, Kriegar Razors Black Marble and Kriegar Razors Pakawood. Most of these styles come at incredible prices.

Some styles come as “shave ready” while others may need to be honed first. What this means is you need to buy a honing tool, stropping strap, and a shaving cream. These are the only accessories you need. However, you can still use shaving soaps, gel, shaving brushes, and colognes. While the initial investment may feel like too much, it’s always cheaper, in the long run, considering that disposable and safety razors get used up quickly.

By using Kriegar blades, you will be saving the environment from being stuffed with plastics and other shaving wastes. Disposable and safety razors, on the other hand, get used up quickly and end up being thrown into the environment thus sabotaging any efforts to make our planet a safer place.

Kriegar is durable and has both the looks and efficiency. It’s also a budget buy hence a good choice for those who can’t shell out many bucks needed for high-end straight razors. However, despite its strengths, this razor too has its shortcoming. For instance, by being a round point blade, its precision in clipping off hair may not be sufficient for seasoned shavers. Additionally, the weight and balance of the blade have been said to be a little off.

Product Features

  • Stylish folding razor
  • 3-inch stainless steel blade
  • Contoured handle for perfect handling
  • Available in several styles
  • Round point blade


  • It’s a budget buy
  • It’s visually appealing
  • It’s round point blade makes it safe for newbies
  • Maintains sharpness for long
  • Provides long-term service than disposable or cartridge razors
  • Delivers a comfortable nick-free shave
  • They are environment-friendly


  • The stainless steel surface takes much time to sharpen
  • Being a round point blade, its precision in slicing off hairs may not be sufficient for seasoned shavers

Customer reviews

As said earlier on, some of the reviews left for Kriegar straight razor are much of a turn-off. But if you know much about razors, you can still see the silver lining behind those “dark clouds.” Some individuals complained that the blades came out of the box blunt and needed professional honing. This is actually true for most straight razors; some come as “shave ready” while others need to be honed-even the exceptional brands such as DOVO.

Additionally, people should know that honing is a practice that needs some time before you can master it fully. Many newbies that left bad reviews for this product don’t really know how to hone this blade well, and after a short period of use they complained that it became blunt quickly.

In short, some people expect too much from this blade when it already offers enough like most blades within its price range. If stropped and honed well, Kriegar Blade will meet give you an irritation-free professional shave.


Kriegar blades are available online at Amazon available online at Amazon and other shaving products stores. If you are a beginner, you will find Kriegar blade to be sufficient in helping you get rid of disturbing hairs. Seasoned shavers may find it lacking in some ways, but it’s still a good purchase as a spare blade.

The bottom line about Kriegar Straight Razor

Kriegar straight razor is a good shaver that beginners can find to be gentle on their skin. For seasoned shavers, it can be a good blade to keep as a spare. When stropped and honed perfectly, this shaving tool can provide a comfortable shave that gives your face a look and feel you like. The contours on the handle make it a perfect tool for wet shaving.

Kriegar may have its setbacks, but they are not a deal breaker. At its price, this blade offers sufficient services. So, if you are looking for a razor that will safely slash off your hair and still help you get acquainted with straight razors, Kriegar may be a good pick.

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I use to watch my dad shave every morning before he went to work. When I was old enough to shave all I could think about was using an old school straight razor as my dad did. I want to share all I know on this blog about shaving and using razors. I love sharing and writing about this lost art.

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