How Many Times Can You Use a Razor?

How Many Times Can You Use a Razor

For people who would like to achieve a clean look by removing unwanted hair, shaving is the easiest and fastest way to do so. With the various brands and features offered by each razor company, one can have endless choices to find the right type of razor that can provide a clean and smooth shaven skin.

Still, no matter what brand of razor used people from all over ask the same question—how many times can you use a razor? While disposable razors are cheaper and can easily be tossed in the trash, this does not mean that you cannot reuse them after the first use. Disposable razor users swear by how they are still able to use their disposable razors a number of times before they actually dispose of them. What about other razor types?

With this in mind, we can have an idea that the more expensive razors that have refillable razor blades can be used a number of times before the need to change them. Still, the question lingers on how many times can you actually use a razor before you throw it away or change the blades. In this article, we will try to answer how many times you can actually use a razor before changing it.

How Many Times Can You Use Your Razor?

Various razor manufacturers claim to produce razors that can last for a number of weeks and even months which can outlast their competitors’ brands. Still, no matter how hard you try to find the answer, none can give an answer on how many times you can actually use a razor whether these are the disposable or refillable type.

The simple answer to this question is –it depends on the user. Since every type of person also has a different type of hair and shaving regimen, the number of times he can use his razor depends on him. Another thing to consider about the lifetime of a razor is how you properly clean and store it after each use.

Some users who regularly shave up to four times a week will need to change and replace their razors more often than someone who only uses his razor periodically. This is because the number of times you actually use your razor is what you should consider and not how long you have it with you.

For those who shave less frequently, a single razor can even last from half a year to a year since the blades are not used often.

If you are still at a loss on how many times you can use your razor, consider the following factors:

How often do you shave?

As we have said, the number of times you shave in a week or month will most likely show how often you should replace your razors. Individuals who shave often expose their razor blades to water and shaving cream that can cause the blades to rust and become dull. This is why they should change their razors more often than those who only use theirs once or twice a month.

Since the blades of the razors sold in the markets are made to be thin in order for them to cut more closely to the skin, this also means that they are more prone to have indentations. With constant and frequent use, razor blades can become indented and dull so they can no longer provide a clean shave.

Some users replace their razors or razor blades every month while some do so less often. You should be the judge when you should need to replace your razor as soon as you see that it has become dull or rusted.

How do you care for your razor?

The way you clean and store your razor after each use is also an important factor on how long you can make it last. If you leave your razor lying on the side of your sink such that water is still trapped inside the blades, you can have the guarantee that it will become too rusted no matter how expensive your razor is.

This is why it is important that you properly rinse your razor and its blades after shaving. Check in between the blades to make sure that there are no shaving cream or hairs trapped in them. Making sure that your razors are clean and stored upright can prolong its life because you prevent the blades from rusting and dirt buildup.

Keep your razors in a clean and dry place as opposed to keeping it near the sink. Even though having it handy near the sink for needed shaves, the water can still invite moisture to build up in between your razor’s blades without you noticing it. The most important part of your razor is the blades which can easily rust and corrode so proper care for these are very important.

Other razor users keep their blades sharp by running the razor along the length of their old jeans. Not only will doing this dry the blades entirely, it can even keep the blades sharp and rust free.

When Should You Replace Your Razor?

Whether you have a disposable razor or a refillable razor, you should always check the blades before each use to see if there are rust and corrosion present. If you see even a small amount of rust on the blades, it is advisable that you no longer use this razor since this can cause razor bumps and nicks. Furthermore, exposing your skin to rust can cause itchiness, redness, and swelling of your skin.

Another thing to be reminded of is to never use a dull razor. You can identify a dull razor immediately when it no longer smoothly glides on your skin and shaves of all the hair it passes through. Again, this can cause razor bumps and even skin cuts.

By following the tips discussed in this article, you can use your razors for a long time while still having a clean shave as long as you give it proper care.

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