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A moustache can quickly become unruly and out of control if you do not tame it. Most men with a moustache use moustache wax (often also called moustache trainers) to style their moustaches.

Moustache wax is very easy to use. You usually just put a little on your fingers, or a specially designed moustache comb, and apply it to your moustache.

Moustache wax comes in various strengths, so you might want to experiment with what you need to achieve the perfect results for your moustache. If you only need to keep your moustache from becoming too frizzy, a weak wax will do, but if you want to style your moustache into more complicated patterns, or have a heavy moustache, then a strong hold would be the better option.

Sam’s Natural Moustache Wax

While most moustache waxes are made with beeswax and are not suitable for vegans, Sam’s natural moustache wax is made with candelilla wax which is increasingly being used in vegan-friendly cosmetics to replace beeswax.

The other ingredients in this moustache wax give this product a very nice, natural scent. It is not overpowering, but for some people it might be a negative aspect as they prefer to have a scent-free moustache wax.


  • Vegan product
  • Natural scent
  • No parabens
  • No sulfurs
  • No artificial colors


  • Some people prefer their wax scent-free


If you would like a cruelty-free moustache wax that works and smells pleasant, then this certainly is a good choice for a reasonable price.

The strength of this moustache wax can be adjusted by simply using more for a stronger hold. It is not suitable for holding up very large moustaches but perfect for small to medium-sized moustaches that need a little bit of encouragement to stay in place.


Smooth Viking Beard Balm with Shea Butter and Argan Oil

While this moustache wax is not quite scent-free, it has a very light scent which is very natural (shea butter scent). The ingredients of this balm are all natural and there are no hidden nasties, which is great news for your beard.

Using this wax does not leave a big mess on your fingers and on your beard, although you need to be careful not to use too much. The product can make your moustache feel and look greasy, so make sure you only use as much as you need.

This moustache wax has a very good hold and will be able to tame even the wildest moustaches.


  • Superior hold
  • High quality ingredients
  • Makes your moustache feel thicker
  • All natural
  • Mess free


  • A bit greasy if you use too much


The ingredients in this moustache wax are not only meant to make your moustache easier to style and keep everything in the right place, they are also helpful in keeping your moustache healthier for a longer time. And a healthy moustache is a moustache that grows well.

The content of a tin seems to last for a long time, so this is a product that has very good value as you get a lot of use for your money.


Primary Moustache Wax | Medium Hold, Every Day Use

This moustache wax is great for men who would like to style their moustaches in a natural looking way. Some waxes make your moustache look greasy and a bit cartoony—not this one.

We found that the end result you achieve with this wax looks like your moustache had simply grown that way. You simply have to overcome the fact that this wax is not as easy to use as others. It is harder, so you won’t be able to use it like a cream.

The wax is made only of the finest ingredients and it shows, but the quality does not end with the wax itself. If you are someone who carries moustache wax around in a bag, you will be glad to know that the labels are also waterproof and are very hardy!


  • Made in the USA
  • Medium hold
  • Great design
  • Fantastic customer service
  • High quality ingredients


  • A bit hard


If you are looking for a hard-working wax that delivers a natural look and has no smell, then this would be the perfect choice for you. Even if you have a blonde or ginger moustache, it is a good product as it does not have any ingredients that would discolor your beard or moustache.



It is difficult to declare a winner when it comes to the best moustache wax as each of the above products has its strengths and only very few weaknesses.

But we eventually came to the conclusion that Sam’s Natural Moustache Wax is our winner because the natural ingredients are very good for your moustache, and regular use will make sure that your moustache stays healthy. The rosemary oil is especially helpful for men whose beards tend to be a bit on the frizzy side.

Sam’s natural moustache wax is easy to apply and does not leave a greasy residue. You will also not be able to notice the wax on your moustache, unless you apply far too much. In addition, the product is cruelty free and vegan friendly at a good price.

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