The Best Pre-Shave Oil for a Smooth Shave

The Best Pre-Shave Oil for a Smooth Shave

When you’re shaving your face, especially if you are using a special type of razor, you need to make sure that you do everything you can before you shave and after you shave, to keep your skin looking good and to prevent irritation.

One type of product you may want to use before you shave is pre-shave oil, which can moisturize your skin and work all of the hair on your face to the surface and ready to be shaved. Here are some of the top pre-shave oils on the market and an explanation of what they can do.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil

This product is designed to make sure that the razor glides smoothly over your face to keep you from getting cuts on your face. It can also help you with your beard by moisturizing the parts that won’t be getting cut or trimmed. This oil is scented with sandalwood oil, but there are other products they have available that are unscented if that is something that appeals to you.

It doesn’t have any alcohols or dyes, only natural ingredients, like other essential oils and olive oil.  Besides that, The Art of Shaving, has a wide range of products to meet other needs of the modern shaver, if you find you like this product. The best part is that you really only need a drop or two of this oil for each use, so a container will last a long time.

Shave Secret Shaving Oil

This shave oil is very affordable and can be found online and in stores, such as large discount stores. It has an all natural formula, which features natural oils and a little bit of menthol, so that you can feel that it is working.

It will not only be able to keep your skin moisturized so that your razor won’t nick you when you’re shaving, but it doesn’t have to just be used on the face. It can be used nearly anywhere on the body, or can simply be used on dry skin. You only need a few drops when you shave to get the job done. Just a little oil and water and you can get a great shave no matter what type of razor you are using. What’s even better is that you can use this with electric razors as well, so it is very versatile.

Lather & Wood Best Pre-Shave Oil

This product works perfect if you use a bit before you use shaving cream, or by itself. Depending on if you’re shaving your face or just doing some trimming of your beard to make it look neater, this oil is able to help you out. You can use this oil on all of your facial hair, even your beard, to keep the hairs from becoming dry and brittle.

It’s made of 7 different essential oils, so you don’t have to worry about the product having unsafe ingredients that you don’t want on your skin. Furthermore, it’s perfect for people that normally get ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin on their face because it’s designed to take care of those problems. It can keep the skin soft and allow your razor to work the way it’s supposed to. It features a sandalwood scent, which is masculine and won’t bother you when you use this oil.

The Blades Grim Smolder Pre-Shave Oil

This oil is great for applying before you shave because it brings all your hair to the surface, even stubborn or coarse hairs, so you won’t miss them when you’re shaving. It has a mix of floral oils to keep your skin conditioned, such as castor oil and apricot oil. This also gives it a smell that won’t bother you. You can use it alone or with soaps or creams for an even more conditioned shave.

Even if you aren’t shaving, this oil can condition your face, so that it doesn’t have dry patches or start to get itchy or irritated. Keep this in mind in between shaves, so you can keep your face feeling great. In fact, it can actually ensure that you don’t have itchy skin, so there is no reason not to try it.


Each of these pre-shave oils can do more than just keep your skin conditioned when you shave. The best one among these is the Shave Secret Shaving Oil, mainly because it is the most economical and it still gets the job done. It has no problem conditioning other parts of your body, so you don’t have to just use it for your face. You can actually share it with other people in your house. And, since a little goes a long way, you won’t run out very often.

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